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The Most Popular Doctor in Town

Ever wonder how medical students are taught Pap smears and pelvic exams? I mean, what woman in her right mind would volunteer to be a medical student’s very first attempt with a speculum? The answer is, NO ONE! Thus, medical schools are forced to hire brave (and broke) women to guinea pig themselves to fumbling medical …

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The Loser Christmas Gift that Led me to Medicine

I’ll never forget Christmas morning, 1965—the day I discovered my bent toward science. I was six-years old and huddled around the Christmas tree with my family and grandparents anxiously waiting my turn to open a gift. My fifteen-year old brother opened the mother lode of wonderful gifts: a chemistry kit. Tiny bottles of cobalt blue, …

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Not Til the Priest Gets Here!

Jonathan Monroe grew up in a devout Catholic home where mass was attended every Sunday and Hail Marys were as much a part of the daily diet as bread and potatoes. Unfortunately, despite completing Catechism and twelve years at a Parochial school, Jonathan rebelled against everything his parents, priests, and school teachers, (nuns) had taught …

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