Monthly Archives: February, 2015

Pediatrics 101: Parenting and How NOT to Discipline your Child!

I had aced my three-month Pediatric rotation and devoured textbooks on effective child rearing. According to the books, disciplining children was a cinch: set reasonable and clear boundaries, use time-outs, and divvy out firm but consistent consequences mixed with encouragement and affection. How hard can it be? Now a self-proclaimed expert on all things pediatric, …

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Thank God for Experienced Nurses!

If it hadn’t been for Abigail Norris RN, the patient would have died—in five minutes flat! All across America, experienced nurses oversee the hospital orders of newbie interns, and thank God they do! On my first day as an intern, my overseeing resident, James, said, “I just want to make sure you know you should …

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