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No Greater Love

This story is dedicated to the memory of Louise Alexandra MacKenzie, the courageous woman who made the gut-wrenching decision to give my mother up for adoption in 1927, after rearing her at the Talitha Cumi Maternity home for over five months. She completed her nurses training, became a military nurse and rose to the rank …

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One Way to Get a Breast Reduction!

Margaret LaMoe had a bust line that made Dolly Parton look flat. But her well-endowed 38GGG-sized chest only caused her back pain and indentations in her shoulder blades. Finding clothes that fit properly was next to impossible. I applied for prior authorization for breast reduction surgery through her health insurance company. Unfortunately, they turned down …

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Are you My Doctor, or a Call-Girl?

Every profession has its bad apples, and unfortunately, the medical field is no exception. Take Dr. “Nogood.” Around midnight on a Saturday night, Dr. Nogood got a call from a local Emergency room about a woman in labor with full-blown pre-eclampsia (high blood pressure, swelling, and protein in the urine.) Since her labor was not …

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