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Dumber than a Zucchini Squash (part VI)

Good ol’ Bob has an endearing quality–he loves cats! To the tune (make that yowl) of over 150 cats in his lifetime. He even knows the name and description of every one. In part V, you learned about Trixie, his ornery Siamese, that scratches and hisses at everyone who enters his trailer. He calls it …

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Dumber than a Zucchini Squash (Part V)

Remember good ol’ Bob? (If not, check out my February Archives for stories about Bob called “Dumber than a Zucchini Squash,” parts I-IV.) Bob responded to an advertisement for a “free” home security installation. Of course, my first thought was, what did Bob own in his dilapitated trailer that anyone would want to steal? His …

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But what about my hair?

Ninety-nine percent of my patients are delightful. And then there’s Mrs. Downer. Whiny, unhappy, weepy, and non-compliant. Every phone call. Every visit. For twenty years. No matter what medication I prescribe, she either gets some bizarre side effect or claims she can’t afford it because it isn’t on the $4 pharmacy list. (Though she seems …

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