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Doctor-ese: The Secret Language of Physicians

 Doctor-ese: The Secret Language of Physicians Doctors learn a lingo of their own to communicate with other health care providers.  Here are the secret terms doctors and nurses use when not around patients: Blame storming: When everyone pins blame on someone else after a medical disaster. Bloodsuckers/Leeches/Vampires: Phlebotomists Bonehead:  Orthopedic Brain fry:  ECT Bug Juice:  …

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How’s that for a name?

  My father needed emergency Coronary Artery By-pass Surgery for four clogged arteries in his heart. The cardiologist told us we had a choice of two Vascular Surgeons: Dr. Coffin or Dr. Jackson. Three guesses which one we chose! Never mind that Dr. Coffin was a highly regarded, competent vascular surgeon who had even more …

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