As an Internist with over twenty-five years of experience, I have accumulated a plethora of humorous, touching, miraculous, frightening, and embarrassing stories.  With this thought in mind, I started a blog in 2011.

Comments about my blog were so encouraging that I submitted six of my stories to “Chicken Soup for the Soul,” and all six were published. I began to receive letters from readers all over the country (even one from Saudi Arabia!) telling me how much they enjoyed my writing. Many suggested I should write a book. Thus, after decades of studying writing, I wrote Patients I Will Never Forget. Clovercroft Publishing was excited to publish it in July of 2014, and to my delight, it has already received eighteen 5-star reviews on Amazon and positive feedback from readers. I hope you will enjoy the book! Please continue to read my blog and to share the site with others.

Due to HIPPA law, all patient names, occupations, and demographic details have been changed to ensure patient confidentiality.

Sally Burbank M.D.



  1. judy dowlen

    I loved your vivid description of the older lady anand your detailed reaction to her comment.

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