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July: Danger! Danger!

Few patients—but every doctor—knows you should never, ever, under any circumstances get sick and go to the emergency room during the month of July. Why, you ask? The answer is simple: Interns! Medical students! Every July 1st, a new crop of green students is released onto the unsuspecting public to practice their fumbling skills for …

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The Pole Dancer and…Family Values???

Just when I thought I’d heard everything, in walked Keri, a tall, beautiful brunette dressed in a mini-skirt and three-inch heels. She sashayed to her exam room sporting legs so long and sexy they could rival Tina Turner’s. With a body like that, she could be a model, I mused. “How can I help you, …

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I said WHAT???

Art Linkletter once wrote a book called Children Say the Darndest Things. As a doctor, however, I maintain that patients, under the influence of anesthesia or mind-altering pain medications, say the darndest things! Take Joseph, a fifty-year-old banking executive. After being doped up with Versed, a potent tranquilizer, he underwent his first screening colonoscopy. While awake, …

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