Monthly Archives: November, 2012

My Most Fascinating Patient

I first met Linda, a 32-year old veterinarian, when she was rushed into the MICU with a dangerously elevated heart rate, weighing a mere fifty-nine pounds. When her thyroid blood tests came back off the charts, I thought her emaciation and fast heartbeat were due to severe hyperthyroidism. But it turned out, Linda had intentionally …

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How NOT to get a day off. . .

Ever wanted to get extra paid days off from work? Here’s how NOT to do it: A patient came in with a sore throat and his “rapid strep” test came back positive. I prescribed an antibiotic and wrote a note excusing him from work for two days. Imagine my shock when the patient’s workplace called …

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Are you trying to kill me?

Margaret, an eighty-year old with dangerously high blood pressure, had failed every medication I had ever prescribed. She claimed one made her gain weight (the cookies and Pepsi had nothing to do with it.) Another made her tired. A third caused hair thinning and the fourth made her teeth hurt (never mind that her mouth …

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