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The Lesson I Learned the Hard Way

During my fourth year of Medical school, I completed an acting internship at a Veteran’s Administration hospital. Because VA hospitals were chronically short-staffed, medical students and interns were treated like slave labor; we were responsible for drawing all the blood and starting all the IVs. Thus, it wasn’t unusual to work a twenty-hour shift without …

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Tornado warnings echo across Nashville nearly every spring, yet in the twelve years I’d lived in Nashville, they had always proven a false alarm. Thus, when the weatherman doled out dire predictions for a huge twister in April of 1998, I rolled my eyes. No doubt it would be Peter (the weatherman) crying wolf again. …

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Fat Old Ladies Can Move!

  When American manufacturers started outsourcing jobs to China and Taiwan for the cheap labor, not only did we lose millions of jobs, but patients were also doomed to embarrassing physical exams. Huh? Let me explain. In China, where an average woman is lucky to reach five feet tall and weigh one-hundred pounds, a “large” …

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