My new book – Patients I Will Never Forget – is here!

If you’ve enjoyed my blog these past 3 years, you can now order your own paperback or e-book version of Patients I Will Never Forget. Besides comical and inspiring stories guaranteed to make you laugh out loud, the book provides more than fifty cartoons selected to illustrate each story.


Order a print version of the book for $11.16, by clicking on the Amazon icon below:

Amazon black logo

The book has also been released on Kindle for a marked down price of only $2.98. Click on the link below:


Patients I Will Never Forget is also available from Barnes and Nobles Click on the link below:


and on Nook below:


Also, check out my new website:  http://www.sallywillardburbank.com



  1. Mary Ellen, Thanks so much for the kind comments about my book! I am working on sequel as we speak. It is about half done! I tried to e-mail you, but the GrannyMe@aol.com address didn’t seem to work. I hope to get the next book out in the next 6 months. I have my book available in paperback, so if you’d like to get your internist a copy of the book, either let me know and I can mail you an autographed copy (you can tell me who to make it out to), or you could buy one off Amazon or Barnes and Nobles.

  2. I really enjoyed the book. As a retired RN, and 40 years of practicing nursing, I could write one also. But it is so much more fun to read your book! I did know many, many interesting patients and doctors! The word “interesting” can be interpreted any way you wish…and I am glad that nurses did not have yo know the vid codes!

    • Thanks for the kind words, Janice McMahan! I’ll keep you posted when my next book comes out.

  3. Joy Page

    Really good read, The doctor sounds just lovely and so carding to her service users , couldn’t stop laughing sometimes, thank you ,Joy Page xx

    • I am just seeing this comment now, Joy. Thanks so much for the kind words! Fyi: I will soon be releasing a book about caregiving Alzheimer’s patients called, “What to Remember When They Forget: The Alzheimer’s Caregiver’s Guide.

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