Monthly Archives: October, 2012

What’s the Matter with Heather?

Heather was either a hypochondriac or a malingerer trying to con me into helping her get federal disability. Though only 30, she’d come to her doctor’s appointment on a stretcher and wearing a face mask, claiming she was too weak to walk and the “allergens and toxins” in my office would affect her “for weeks.” …

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Couvade’s Syndrome

Jeremy, a seemingly healthy twenty-five year-old, was admitted to the hospital with vomiting, dehydration, and obscure abdominal cramps. Initially, we thought he had picked up a stomach virus, but when he was still vomiting three days later, we began an exhaustive series of tests to find out what was wrong. All came back normal. With …

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How NOT to Seduce your Husband!

Maggie had not conceived in over a year off birth control and at thirty-nine, she felt panicky that her internal clock would soon “tick out” if she didn’t conceive soon. Since her menstrual cycles were somewhat erratic, she wondered if she was even ovulating. I reviewed, in detail, what the cervical mucus looked like at …

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