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Bad, bad Leroy Brown

Worry lines creased Marsha’s face. “I swear my father won’t die of Alzheimer’s–he makes me so mad I’m going to kill him first.” Sensing she needed to vent about the challenges of caring for her feisty father, I invited her to clue me in. At ninety-four years of age, Leroy Brown (name changed to protect …

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I vote for Barney!

“If they stick me with the Mammogram technician I had last time, so help me, I’ll sue ’em,” Mrs. G fumed, arms crossed and lips pursed. That didn’t sound good! What on earth happened? I mean, all women fuss and whine about their yearly Mammogram, but none had ever threatened to sue before. Sure, one …

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The doctor is a . . .floozy?

When I started  at the University of Vermont Medical school, I was determined to make the academic Honor society, Alpha Omega Alpha. At UVM, only the top ten percent of the class were offered a spot, and unbeknownst to me, every other medical student was just as competitive as I. Worse yet, medical school was nothing …

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